When traveling for 4 hours or more on a plane to visit a different country it would be a shame for you to never try some of the traditional dishes of Spain.

Some of the traditional dishes include mojo sauces of which there are well over 20 varieties and papas arrugadas (Canarian Potatoes). These sweet pastorates are cooked in a large amount of sea salt which is then left to dry on the skin.

sea-foodBeing a small Island it should come as no surprise that some of the popular dishes to be found in Lanzarote is sea food. Parrot fish, snapper and tuna are the most common dishes. There are many different sea food restaurant around Lanzarote each offering something a little different from the next.

El Golfo is said to have some of the nicest sea food restaurants on the Island and you should not go wrong if you visit the old harbour area in Puerto del Carmen either.

tapasThere are many places you should visit, many of the nicest and more traditional spanish restaurants you will find off the beating track. Don’t be afraid to wonder around to find somewhere to eat and if you find a restaurant full of spanish people, it’s normally a sign that the food is good so why not give it a try.