Rancho Texas is one of those places in Lanzarote that you should try to visit. Located in Puerto Del Carmen, Rancho Texas is a family excursion to an ever-increasing animal park.

To get there you can either book the trip through your tour rep, local excursion agent or hire a car and drive there yourself. You might find the price different when you are booking this trip as an excursion as you will be picked up by a coach hence costing you more.

On entering the park you will find a very large selection of animals, from the small birds and snakes to very large birds and reptiles. You are able to walk around the park at your own speed enabling you to stop and look at something you find interesting and walk a little faster if you don’t like looking at large snakes!

There are a few things you really should not miss while in the park, these are the parrot show, bird show and the crocodile show. The shows have been staggered to ensure that you can see them all in the same afternoon rather than you having to return later in the week to see the shows you missed.

Parrot Show is held in the food hall around 12 thus enabling you to enjoy a meal and watch the show at the same time. Once the show is over you will have a chance to have your picture taken with one of the parrots which you will be able to buy at the exit to the park.

Birds of Prey Show is a MUST see if you are in the park. They have very strict rules when this show is on for your own safety so unless you can sit down for 30 minutes without standing up then don’t go. The show includes many different birds from a very large to the very fast (if you are wearing a hat watch out it’s not knocked off!).

Crocodile show is an interesting one, one of the keepers will enter the enclosure and pick out a rather unwilling crocodile and take you through some information on them. This show is not really for the faint of heart. There is also a baby crocodile taken around that you have the chance of stroking!

Through out the rest of the park you will find many different animals, some you can get very close to and even touch (small farm animals) others you are kept at a good distance for good reason.

The park it’s self is always expanding, this year they have seen some new tigers and sea lions added to the park and I would expect this to happen often while Lanzarote remains a tourist destination.

The park also features a new ‘water section’ which includes pools to swim in and plenty of slides for all the family.  The cost of using these pools / slides are included in the entrance price meaning this is a truly all day excursion and fun day out for all the family.