The original name of the Lanzarote, Tite-Roy-Gatra,translates as Rose-coloured-Hill. Lancelloto Malocello, a trader who arrived on the island in 1312,is credited with making its presence known to the European powers of the time. The name Lanzarote is the direct translation into Spanish of Lancelot (lancelloto).

Then it was the turn of the Spanish or rather, a Frenchman acting on behalf of the Spanish king. Jean de Bethencourt (a nobleman from Normandy), acting for Enrique III of Castille, brought the island under Spanish rule during the first years of the fifteenth century. In his southward venture, Lanzarote was the first of the Canary Islands which he came upon.

The conquest of Lanzarote led by Bethencourt began in earnest in 1402.Bethencourt, a Norman, set out for the Canary Islands on behalf of the Castile. The king Guardafia showed no signs of resistance and in fact along with the islanders welcomed the Norman Knight. Bethencourt promised to protect the island against pirates and in return was promised a peaceful submission of the island and guardafia.
Following such a welcome Juan De Bethencourt proceeded to build Rubicon castle with the intention of defending the island.

Castillo_de_las_ColoradasBethencourt returned to France and was succeeded by his nephew Maciot, who later turned out to be a tyrant. He established Teguise as the capital and seat of governor. He was suspected of trying to sell the canaries to the Portuguese. The King of Spain who had heard of Maciot scheming removed him from the Island. A series of feudal lords controlled the Island after this.

For a period of time the Canary Islands become a popular target for Pirates. Many people who were still on the Island ended up being murdered or became slaves. A lot of people took refuge in ‘Cueva de los Verdes‘ which was a large cave in the North. The Island was reduced to only a few hundred people.

Since this time the Island of Lanzarote has become a very busy tourist Island attracting people from all over the world. The people who visit are from places such as The United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and many more. The attraction is maybe a combination of a slower pace of lift and the constant tempter Lanzarote has all year round.