The weather in Lanzarote never normally get’s below 16 degrees through the day and 10 Degrees at night. The information below shows the Lanzarote Weather forecast for each month of the Year including the Average Temperature of the sea
and below is the Lanzarote Weather for today. For a more detailed and a longer forecast simply click on the images.

When traveling to Lanzarote you should always have plenty of sun protection. Through out the year you will be able to get a good tan in the day time so always ensure to
use some form of sun cream. You can buy sun cream from shops or if you are staying in a hotel / apartment in Lanzarote, there will be a sun cream rep that will also offer you sun cream.

In the Winter (December, January and February), although the days are still warm there is a large temperature difference to day and night, on the night you will need some warmer clothes on so be sure to pack a jumper. Although winter nights seem cold it more because it’s so hot through the day that the night seems a lot cooler than it actually is.

Click for Lanzarote, Canary Islands Forecast

Click for Lanzarote, Canary Islands Forecast


Month Max Air Temp °C Min Air Temp °C Sea temp Sunshine Hours
January 21 13.5 19 7
February 21 13 18 8
March 23.5 14.5 18 8
April 24.5 15 18 8
May 25 16 19 9
June 26 18 20 11
July 28 19.5 21 10
August 29 20.5 22 11
September 29 20 23 8
October 27 19 23 7
November 24 17 21 6
December 21.5 15 20 7

Walking about in Lanzarote or in any of the resorts you need to remember than even if the weather is slightly overcast you can still get burned so always remember to use sun cream.

If you are sitting by the pool in your Hotels or Apartment, please remember that you will need to re-apply sun cream every 20 minutes. You should also re-apply if you are having a swim in the Hotel / Apartment pool.