When visiting Lanzarote it would be poliet to try and use some Spanish Phrases.  Its good to try and show some willing when ordering drinks or food even if you don’t get the words rights the Spanish will always help you out.

We have quite a list of Words for you to choose from and please remember that the letter ‘J’ is actually prounced as a ‘H’ … i.e Jameos Del Agua would be ‘Hameos Del Agua’.

General Words

English Spanish
please por favor
thank you gracias
hello hola
goodbye adios
see you later hasta luego
yes si
no no
I’m sorry lo siento
excuse me perdón
I don’t understand no entiendo
Do you speak English? habla inglés?
I don’t speak Spanish no hablo español
Good afternoon Buenas tardes
Good night Buenas noches
How much is? Cuanto es?
Good bueno
bad malo
English ingles
Irish irlandés
car coche
postcard postal
map mapa
menu la carta
bill la cuenta
signature firma
waiter/waitress camarero/camarera
tomorrow mañana
today hoy
Airport aeropuerto
departure salida
arrival llegada
petrol gasolina
chemist farmacia
Doctor medico